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In addition to our searchable databases or tools, EPO patent information data is available as linked open data, bulk data sets or via our web services for everyone wishing to obtain EPO data directly.

Linked open EP data

Linked open EP data creates a public web of interlinked patent data from EPO and other data publishers that can be queried, retrieved and viewed using standardized web technologies like HTTP, URI, RDF and SPARQL.

Bulk data sets

The EPO's bulk data sets are bulk extractions from EPO-internal patent databases made available to external users for further processing. They are structured and standardised collections of data.

Web services

The EPO web services are designed for automated queries, such as automated data retrieval (by robots) or access via third-party portals (e.g. software packages) etc. They offer similar sets of data as the European Publication Server, European Patent Register and Espacenet.

Coverage, codes and statistics

The EPO monitors the three main patent data streams (bibliographic, facsimile images and full text) at key stages in their life cycles to ensure that they are complete, consistent, accurate and up to date.