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Yann Ménière is new Chief Economist

1 February 2016

The EPO is pleased to announce the arrival of Yann Ménière, the new Chief Economist.

Yann Meniere

The Chief Economist unit of the EPO was set up to provide economic insights into issues relating to patents, innovation and economic growth. It aims to contribute high-level expertise and analysis to public and expert forums and to foster well-informed debate. Its studies on the economic and societal aspects of patents in Europe have been commended as providing important evidence to the public.

Yann Ménière is professor of economics on leave from MINES ParisTech, where he was leading the Chair on "IP and Markets for Technology" until joining the EPO. His research and expertise relate to the economics of innovation, competition and intellectual property. In recent years, he has been focusing more specifically on IP and standards, markets for technology, and IP issues in climate negotiations. Besides his academic publications, he has also written a number of policy studies for the European Commission, French government and other public organisations. Outside MINES ParisTech, he has been teaching the economics of IT standards at Imperial College Business School and the economics of IP law at the Law School of Université Catholique de Louvain.

Yann Ménière is the fifth holder of the post, following Dominique Guellec, Bruno van Pottelsberghe, Nikolaus Thumm and Theon van Dijk.