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Fighting coronavirus

Fighting Coronavirus

The COVID-19 pandemic caused by the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 has led to an urgent search for vaccines, treatments and technologies that can counter the spread of disease and save lives. The technical information published in patents advances human knowledge, helping researchers everywhere to understand the latest inventions.

EPO patent examiners and data analysts have compiled until now about 300 datasets to support the important work of clinicians, scientists and engineers. Arranged into four broad themes and updated regularly, our charts show which countries have the most patent filings and which applicants and inventors are most prolific in the relevant fields.

Researchers are at the forefront of the fight in developing new vaccines, therapies and devices. Seven inspirational inventors have shared their stories with us, so watch their videos to learn more about the problems they are solving.

Vaccines and therapeutics

The race is on to develop vaccines and pharmaceuticals that can protect against infection, relieve symptoms or cure COVID-19.


Systems today gather vast amounts of data which can be analysed in real time to help clinicians and statisticians.

Inventors against coronavirus

Some of the leading scientists in vaccine research, diagnostics and therapeutics speak about their important work.

Diagnostics and analytics

Testing is crucial for detecting and minimising the spread of the virus, as well as for monitoring the condition of patients.

Technologies for the new normal

New materials, devices, sensors or even smartphone apps are helping us to reduce the spread of infection and adjust to the “new normal”.