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European Inventor Award

European Inventor Award 2021 - Save the date

From prototype to perfection

The inventor's journey is never straightforward, but thanks to their ingenuity and perseverance, we can all look forward to a brighter future. For the first-time in the history of the European Inventor Award, the 2021 ceremony will be held in an extended reality format. The digital event will not require pre-registration, enabling viewers from around the globe to follow the journey of fifteen exceptional innovators.

Through their stories, we learn how their creative thinking contributes to society, drives economic growth and improves our daily lives. The Award also spotlights the value of patents, showing how intellectual property rights can help a bright idea become a game-changing invention.

Meet some of the greatest minds of our generation on 4 May when we reveal the 2021 Award finalists.

EPO Podcast - Talk Innovation

The EPO has launched a new podcast channel called Talk innovation. The channel features interviews with many former finalists and winners of the European Inventor Award and provides a rare glimpse at their latest research, innovation trends, and even inventions used in the fight against coronavirus.