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Tech Day 2022

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Online conference

16 February 2022

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Tech Day is a celebration of innovation, learning and collaboration that takes place annually at the EPO. Primarily an internal event until now, Tech Day brings together teams of experts from across the Office to explore a technological theme of special significance.

The theme of Tech Day 2022 is technologies of transformation: those technologies developed in response to the most pressing global crises of our time with a view to sustaining planetary health - both human health and the health of our planet.

Given the all-embracing importance of our theme, day two of this year’s digital conference is open to the public for the first time. Expert speakers explore the new forms of collaboration taking place to extend the reach of sustainable innovation and scale it up across Europe to help deliver the European Green Deal and achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Accelerating climate innovation is the topic of the keynote by Philipp Offenberg and Ben Gaddy of Breakthrough Energy. Leaders from the spheres of industry, academia and policy then gather for a roundtable on the common drivers and hurdles shaping efforts to secure a more sustainable future, at a time when many of the technologies required to achieve current climate targets are still in development. Finally, don't miss the new innovator-examiner dialogues on the latest sustainable innovation in the areas of e-waste, fuel and chemical production, food and vaccines.

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