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Opposition Matters 2021

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Online conference for patent attorneys

10-11 November 2021


Opposition Matters follows in the footsteps of its sister events, Search Matters and Examination Matters, which over the years have become key events for patent searchers and attorneys alike.   

With EPO examiners and lawyers co-presenting alongside senior European patent attorneys, you will get to hear about the best practices they have derived from years of opposition experience.

This year's event will focus on several procedural and substantive aspects of opposition proceedings, such as arguing prior use, the impact of the revised rules of the Boards of Appeal on opposition proceedings, adaptation of the description in opposition, models as items for inspection and late filing of submissions.

We will also be discussing how to conduct oral proceedings successfully, and we will recap on recent changes and the “new normal”.

This high-level event is once again organised in close co-operation with the epi

Who should attend

This event is intended to patent attorneys, in particular patent attorneys who are active in opposition proceedings before the EPO. 

This event has ended.

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