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Global patenting and emerging technologies

Global patenting emerging technologies poster29 November 2018
European Patent Office, Munich

The 4th Industrial Revolution continues to gather momentum, and the digital transformation is affecting all aspects of life, as shown by the EPO’s report on "Patents and the Fourth Industrial Revolution". Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) are converging with all traditional areas of technology.

This provides opportunities for emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, capable of “Machine Learning” and optimising systems too complex for manually programmed algorithms; and Blockchain, for digital-speed processing of secure transactions.

The 4th Industrial Revolution is also dependent on the Internet of Things (IoT) for interconnecting smart objects, creating Big Data and communicating via networks such as 5G. The importance of Standard Essential Patents (SEPs), where global standards for interoperability mingle with the potential exclusive rights of patents, increases proportionately.

Networked technologies go beyond any single patent jurisdiction, and a global approach to patenting of emerging technologies is increasingly important. The 6th Indo-European ICT Conference, co-hosted by the EPO and the Indian Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, in association with the European Business and Technology Centre, and the Centre for Development of Advanced Computing, will highlight the issues involved in global patenting of emerging technologies and help define the way forward.

Target group

If you are an IP manager, patent agent, patent attorney or in-house counsel, and you are in the field of ICT, then you should consider attending this event.