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Boards of Appeal and key decisions 2018


Conference for patent practitioners

14-15 November 2018
European Patent Office, Munich

The annual "Boards of Appeal and key decisions" conference provides a unique opportunity for patent practitioners to gain an insight into the Boards of Appeal's case law practice. In the past eight years the event has attracted more than 1.400 participants to attend and engage with Boards of Appeal members and each other on key topics relating to Boards of Appeal decisions.

This year’s conference will update participants on the reform processes regarding the Boards of Appeal’s structure and their Rules of Procedure. Participants can also look forward to hearing highlights of BoA case law and participating in a mock trial. The programme will further deal with undisclosed disclaimers, priority right and offer a panel session with national judges on inventive step.

Target group

Patent practitioners (patent attorneys, attorneys-at-law, in-house counsel), judges, staff of the NPOs of the EPO member and non-member states with a minimum of four years' experience in the field of patents

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