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Official Journal March 2022

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Citation: OJ EPO 2022, A31
Online publication date: 31.3.2022

CEIPI seminars for the EQE pre-examination 2023

The validity of the following information is subject to the further evolution of the Covid-19 crisis and the possibility of organising the on-site training mentioned below as currently planned. Updated information will be published on the website of the Centre for International Intellectual Property Studies (CEIPI) in due time.

CEIPI is known for its complete range of high-quality courses preparing for the European qualifying examination (EQE), using proprietary high-quality training material. This programme enables candidates to increase their chances of success.

A pre-examination will be held in 2023 for those candidates who fulfil the requirements to present themselves to the pre-examination of the EQE (see supplementary publication 2, OJ EPO 2019).

CEIPI is organising, as part of the Euro-CEIPI collaboration with the European Patent Academy, seminars and courses to help candidates prepare for the pre-examination. So the main seminar will be offered either as a ╩║Strasbourg seminar╩║ or remotely. Experience has shown that the on-site training format prepares candidates most efficiently for the examination because it facilitates intense communication between tutors and participants and among the course participants. The CEIPI therefore recommends to give priority to the on-site training format. However, in order to also prepare those candidates for the EQE 2023 who cannot attend the Strasbourg seminar, this course will once again also be offered as online training.

The online seminar uses the same teaching material as the on-site training and is also hosted by the team of experienced CEIPI tutors.

The intensive course, which aims at putting candidates under the exam conditions of the e-EQE, will only be organised online.

Unlike other courses preparing for the EQE, the tutors for these courses are professional representatives (from private practice and industry), or staff of the departments of first instance of the EPO and of the Boards of Appeal. All have extensive knowledge and practical experience in the procedures before the EPO, be it in examination and opposition, or in appeal before the Boards of Appeal.

Recent statistics show that the pass rate on the EQE pre-examination 2018 of candidates having attended the CEIPI preparation courses is higher than 82%, i.e. 10% higher than the pass rate of other candidates.

Enrolment for the complete CEIPI course offer for the pre-examination 2023 will allow candidates to benefit from a "package" discount. Further information is available on our website

I. Main seminar

The main seminar preparing for the pre-examination 2023 will take place from 24 to 28 October 2022, either in Strasbourg or, on the same dates, as online training.

Participants are expected to have a sound working knowledge of patent law. The teaching material will be designed in accordance with the style of the pre-examination procedure, which is based on a multiple choice system.

The pre-examination seminar will cover the following topics (see Rule 10 of the Implementing Provisions to the Regulation on the EQE, supplementary publication 2, OJ EPO 2019):

(a) legal questions relating to the candidates' knowledge of the relevant provisions, including the EPC, the Implementing Regulations to the EPC, the Ancillary Regulations to the EPC, the Rules relating to Fees, the PCT, the Regulations under the PCT and the Guidelines for Examination in the EPO

(b) questions on the drafting of claims, the allowability of claims and the scope of protection provided by claims

The seminar takes into account the specificities of the e-EQE.

During the pre-exam seminar, participants will have the opportunity to apply their knowledge in a mock examination.

The pre-examination seminar will be held in all three official languages of the EPO (English, French and German).

The fee is EUR 1 800 for the five-day seminar.

Please note that early enrolment is advisable.

The closing date for receipt of all applications is 30 September 2022.

For organisational reasons, the number of participants has to be limited. Applications to CEIPI will be treated on a first come, first served basis. If the seminars are oversubscribed, names will be put on a waiting list.

More information on the programme of the seminar as well as other courses can be found on the CEIPI website under Non-degree courses/Preparation for the EQE.

You can apply via:

More information on this seminar can also be obtained from:

Christiane Melz
CEIPI Section Internationale
Bâtiment LE CARDO
7 rue de l'Ecarlate
CS 20024
Tel. +33 (0)368 858313
Fax +33 (0)368 858566

II. Intensive course "mock examination" for the EQE pre-examination 2023

To complete the above programme, CEIPI offers for the pre-examination an opportunity to candidates wishing to improve their skills in respect of this paper. To that end, CEIPI organises an intensive course "mock examination", in which candidates put themselves under examination conditions and take a full pre-examination twice, each within the same time as available in the examination. In order to simulate the exam conditions of the e-EQE, the intensive course will be organised online.

For that purpose, the CEIPI has designed two complete pre-examination papers in order to give the candidates the opportunity to take two mock exams exclusively offered to them in the framework of this course. These CEIPI mock papers correspond to the examination format of the e-EQE. In the afternoon, the tutors will present a model solution for each of these mock examinations.

There is no point coming to this course insufficiently prepared, as this will either hold up the other candidates or the pace will be too fast.

Please note that early enrolment is advisable.

The aim of the course is to give the candidates the possibility, close to but also sufficiently in advance of the actual pre-examination 2023, to exercise their skills in sitting two mock exams under the same conditions as the real examination. With subsequent feedback from a tutor on the papers in question and on the work delivered by the candidates, as well as the possibility of putting "last-minute" questions to the tutor, candidates will have an even better idea of whether certain issues need closer study and/or which skills should be further trained.

Depending on the available capacity the participants will be chosen on a first come, first served basis. If the courses are oversubscribed, names will be put on a waiting list.

This intensive course "mock examination" will take place, in all three official languages of the EPO (English, French and German) as a two-day course on Thursday, 26 January and Friday, 27 January 2023. The intensive course is offered as online-training.

The fee for this course is EUR 750.

More information on the course programme can be found on the CEIPI website: under Non-degree courses/Preparation for the EQE.

Programme (for each of the two days):

8.00 - 13.00 hrs mock exam (according to the format of the e-EQE)

14.00 - 18.00 hrs presentation of the CEIPI model solution for the mock exam and question and answer session

The closing date for receipt of all applications is 9 December 2022.

You can apply via:

For further information you can also contact:

Christiane Melz
CEIPI Section Internationale
Bâtiment LE CARDO
7 rue de l'Ecarlate
CS 20024
Tel. +33 (0)368 858313
Fax +33 (0)368 858566