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Official Journal March 2018

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Citation: OJ EPO 2018, A28
Online publication date: 29.3.2018

Information for users on the availability of DOCX filing and changes to the filing fee, fee for grant and transmittal fee

Users were informed about a number of fee changes adopted by the Administrative Council on 13 December 2017 that will enter into force on 1 April 2018 (OJ EPO 2018, A4). Concerning the fee changes relating to the implementation of DOCX filing, i.e. the changes to the filing fee, the fee for grant and the transmittal fee, the technical preparations for DOCX filing are still ongoing. The EPO will therefore proceed in accordance with amended Article 2(1), items 1, 7 and 18, (2), item 7, and (3) RFees after 1 April 2018, once the technical means for DOCX filing are available and the decision of the President of the EPO under amended Article 2(3) RFees has entered into force. The EPO will inform users thereof in due course.

The functioning of the means of electronic communication authorised by the President of the EPO under Rule 2(1) EPC and Rule 89bis PCT is not affected by the ongoing technical preparations for DOCX filing. Users will be able to file documents electronically in the formats currently accepted under the respective decisions of the President of the EPO under Rule 2(1) EPC and Rule 89bis PCT.