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Official Journal February 2018

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Citation: OJ EPO 2018, A24
Online publication date: 28.2.2018

Agreement between the EPO and WIPO under the PCT – Annex A

Pursuant to Article 11(3)(i) of the Agreement between the EPO and WIPO under the PCT,[ 1 ] Annex A, point (ii), of the agreement has been revised with effect from 1 April 2018. The complete text of point (ii) is published below.

Annex A

States and Languages

(ii) the following languages which it will accept:
English, French, German, and, where the receiving Office is the industrial property office of the Netherlands, Dutch.[ 2 ]



[ 1 ] OJ EPO 2017, A115.

[ 2 ] See Notice from the EPO dated 30 January 2018 concerning changes to the filing options available in Belgium for European patent applications and international applications (OJ EPO 2018, A17).