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European patent administration certification

FAQ - European patent administration certification



SISR/Form 1200: A Supplementary International Search Report (SISR) was drawn up by a Supplementary International Searching Authority (SISA) under the PCT. Where can I indicate this on the Online Filing form for entry into the European phase (EP Form 1200)?

You can indicate that one or more supplementary international search reports were drawn up in the international phase by mentioning the relevant Supplementary International Searching Authority (SISA) or Authorities in the Remarks field in the EP Phase tab on Form EP 1200. You do not need to file a copy of the supplementary international search report as WIPO will transmit it  direct to the EPO.

Rule 6 EPC (fee reduction): At what stage in the new online filing (CMS) do I declare that I am an entity within the meaning of paragraph 4?

To confirm that you are an entity within the meaning of Rule 6(4) EPC, simply tick the appropriate check box under Application in EPO Form 1001.

Article 9 Rules relating to Fees (refund of search fee): Where can I find the check box for requesting a refund of the search fee (box 40 on Form 1001)?

This feature is not present in the CMS. Although box 40 is still on the paper form, it is actually not used, as it is the examiner who makes the decision whether or not to refund the fee.