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European patent administration certification


When and how to enrol

To enrol, please complete the following steps and note that the deadlines are strictly enforced.

1. Creation of a personal profile

Candidates must request to create their personal profile on the EPAC portal. This requires verification of identity by providing a valid passport or national identity card. To be able to enrol in EPAC 2023, this first step must be completed by 7 August 2023.

2. Enrolment

Enrolment for the EPAC 2023 will open on 18 April 2023 until 14 August 2023 for candidates who have completed the first step. The candidate’s request for enrolment and payment of prescribed fees must be received by 14 August 2023.


Enrolment fees for EPAC are laid down by the President under Article 2 of the Rules concerning the establishment of a European patent administration certification.

- EPAC 2023 enrolment fee: 100 EUR

Fees for EPAC are payable by credit card or bank transfer only. Please note that the closing date for enrolment will be strictly observed and applications for enrolment will be deemed not to have been filed unless the prescribed fees have been validly paid.

As bank transfers can take several days to process, this method of payment is not recommended near the closing date for enrolment. Credit card payment is recommended as the fastest method.

Fees may not be paid by debiting an EPO deposit account.


The examination papers are drawn up in the three official languages of the EPO (German, English and French). When enrolling, candidates must select the official language they wish to sit the examination.


Candidates have the possibility to contest a decision by requesting a review according to Article 12 of the EPAC rules. The fee for a review is 300 EUR.