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Applying for a patent


"Name" field

To search for a specific attorney, enter his/her surname or first name in this field.

Please enter the family name without prefixes such as "von", "van" or "de". In the case of family names consisting of more than one word (e.g. "Gonzalez Lopez") only one of the names should be entered.

To search using the surname and first name together, use a comma (,) as a separator, e.g. "bloggs, joe".

You can truncate your search by entering a part of the name that you know. Entering "mith", for example, will give you a list of all attorneys whose first name or surname includes that sequence of characters, such as "Smith" or "Smith-Jones".

You do not need to use wildcards for truncated searches.

Searches are not case-sensitive.

"Country" field

To limit your search to a specific country, select the relevant country from the drop-down list.

"City" field

To search for a representative by location, enter the name of the city in its local form. For example, type "München" or "münchen", but not "Munich".

You can truncate your search term in the same way as in the "Name" field.