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The PATLIB page does not provide any information about trade marks. Where can I find out more?

The EPO is not responsible for trade marks and is unable to offer advice in this field. However, many PATLIB centres do provide trade mark- and design-related services.

For more information, please contact your national patent office, any PATLIB centre or the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO).

  • List of national patent offices
  • Directory of PATLIB centres
  • EUIPO website

Can PATLIB centres draft patent applications?

No. Their staff are not qualified or entitled to draft or file patent applications; for such services, you are advised to consult a European patent attorney (or "professional representative"). However, some PATLIB centres organise patent clinics at which patent attorneys provide professional advice to the general public.

How does a regional patent information centre join the PATLIB network?

Co-operation between the EPO and PATLIB centres is co-ordinated by national patent offices. Once a regional centre is officially recognised by its national office it becomes part of the PATLIB network. It is then entitled to the support available from the EPO.

Can PATLIB centres co-operate direct with the EPO?

No, they should go via their national office.

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