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Goal 1: Build an engaged, knowledgeable and collaborative organisation

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To read the full EPO Strategic Plan 2023, please download the PDF on the left hand side of this page. We have made every effort to optimise this publication for screen reading and encourage you to refrain from printing it out for environmental reasons.

As a knowledge-based organisation, the EPO’s success is based on the commitment and expertise of highly-skilled staff. The Office will therefore continue to foster a working environment that will attract and welcome the brightest minds in Europe, develop their talents, encourage professional development, foster knowledge transfer and collaboration, and offer them first-class working conditions/environment.

Key initiatives

1. Attract talent

In the years ahead, the Office must continue to be an employer that attracts the very brightest minds, even in a competitive environment. Effective workforce planning will allow the Office to respond to current challenges and adapt to future evolutions.

2. Develop talent

Professional development is of key importance as it directly affects sustainable staff engagement and performance, particularly at the EPO where low staff turnover and long-term careers are typical. The EPO will equip employees to reach their full potential and guide staff as they increase their capabilities, skills and competencies.

3. Foster professional mobility and work-life balance

The modern working world can be fast paced and demanding. As part of this initiative, the EPO will become more agile and look to measures that allow greater mobility and offer staff an even better balance between their professional careers and private lives.

4. Further develop a modern, sustainable and healthy working environment

The EPO aims to provide staff with a modern working environment that meets state-of-the-art sustainability, and health and safety standards and to encourage new, more flexible ways of working. This initiative is of strategic importance as workplace design drives collaboration, improves staff performance and positively affects employee well-being.

5. Improve communication

Effective communication is crucial to the success of modern organisations. The EPO has 7 000 staff spread across four countries and to ensure that the Office functions efficiently, the communication strategy will be reviewed and tools modernised. The EPO will look to implement measures that encourage a two-way flow of communication, both internally and externally.

6. Foster social dialogue

As the Office continues to evolve, it will aim to increase social dialogue in all forms, whether direct dialogue with staff, managerial communication or dialogue through unions and staff representatives. By facilitating these constructive exchanges, the EPO intends not only to gain the support and commitment of staff but also to create a working environment based on trust and mutual respect.