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Online Fee Payment – new release on 1 November 2016

Online Fee Payment – new release on 1 November 2016

The EPO is pleased to inform users of Online Fee Payment that a new update is now available.

Users of the Multipay Tool software who have activated the Live Update function will be notified automatically when the update for this tool is available.

This new version has been developed to include a number of functional enhancements including:

  • Earlier visibility of deposit account replenishments for more accurate calculation of the daily balance. Deposit account replenishments received by the EPO will be visible in the OFP tool the following day.
  • Enhancement of the search functionality. Calculation of the total for the selected search period.
  • Option to edit and print a search on pending orders, including the calculation of the total amount in EUR of searched items.
  • Enhancement of current GUI functionality to print statement of accounts for a given period.
  • Creation of individual PDF files for payment confirmations for each application within a batch payment.
  • Extension of the text field length for the file path when uploading files for batch payments.
  • Minor text amendment of the search fee specification concerning Rule6(4) EPC.
  • Minor GUI text changes.