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Problems logging into the EPO Online Services portal

Problems logging into the EPO Online Services portal

Following on from recent technical updates to the EPO Online Services portal, some users may be encountering login problems. Please follow the instructions provided here to help resolve the problem and access our Online Services.

  1. Make sure the smart card is in the reader and recognised (steady green light).
  2. Close all browser windows and open a new browser first before using the link
  3. Select your certificate (Internet Explorer and Chrome; in Firefox the certificate may be selected automatically depending on the settings), enter your pin code (password in Firefox). If the certificate box does not pop up, repeat step 2.
  4. If not all the menu tabs for Mailbox, MyFiles and Fee Payment are shown, use the login button on the page you have just opened.
  5. If Mailbox, MyFiles or Fee Payment is not shown, use the logout and login buttons to log out and log in again. You may have to repeat this step 3 or 4 times.
  6. If this does not help, please log out and return to step 2. If using Google Chrome or Firefox, try another browser. Please note that Firefox needs to be configured first; see:

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