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Higher-performance GPI version (2.2.7)

Higher-performance GPI version (2.2.7)

The new GPI version 2.2.7 offers much greater flexibility in terms of patent monitoring. In the old version, you could only retrieve new added documents from the most recent week, using the search query WBIB=YES combined with STA=C. Now you can retrieve new added documents from any date with the single search criterion DFE (date of first exchange), e.g. for technology monitoring, enter DFE=201604 and IPC = A47J37/10 to retrieve all new documents in April 2016.

Another notable improvement is the new operator WITH. This enables more accurate searches compared with the AND operator when searching for documents that have search terms in the same field of information, e.g. priority (containing the country code, priority number and kind code), inventor (inventor name, country of residence), legal status (legal status event code, event date, event text), etc. For example, the query PRC = EP WITH PRD = 2015 specifically finds EP priority documents filed in 2015. Using the operator AND by contrast would have retrieved all EP priority documents filed since 1978 as well as all other countries' documents with a priority date in 2015. In the same way, you can now find oppositions filed against EP patents in a given month or year, e.g. with the query EVC=26 WITH EVD=201512 or EVC=26 WITH EVD=2015.

More details and examples can be found in the GPI user manual at