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New searching for patents area

New searching for patents area

We are pleased to announce that we have updated our "Searching for patents" area of the website.

The changes introduce a new structure to the area, grouping products according to their primary use: providing technical, legal or business information. We've also standardised the way we present products - and reduced their number so that you can find our key services faster.

Our fourth section, called "Helpful resources", provides supporting materials such as:

  • basic explanations and links for less experienced searchers,
  • support for using Asian patent information,
  • information on events, training, publications, and
  • a list of patent information centres that can support you locally.

We are very grateful to all the users who took part in our surveys and tests and provided feedback on our plans. Your inputs are invaluable in our efforts to provide you with a better online experience.

Please take a look at the new Searching for patents area, and if you have any comments, we would welcome your feedback at