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The dates and the times of each examination paper can be found under Notices

Compulsory registration

Only registered candidates can enrol. Deadline for compulsory registration prior to enrolment for the pre-examination 2019 is 2 April 2018. See notice of the Examination Secretariat.

All information can be found at registration as candidate.

Enrolment periods

1. Pre-examination

Candidates may enrol as from 3 April 2018. Applications must be submitted no later than 4 June 2018 via the web portal. Before enrolling to the pre-examination for the first time (not applicable to re-sitters), candidates must register (also via the web portal).

2. Main examination (Papers A, B, C and D)

Candidates may enrol as from 9 July 2018. Applications must be submitted no later than 3 September 2018 via the web portal.


Please note that the fees relating to the EQE may only be paid by credit card or bank transfer. Candidates are strongly recommended to use a credit card as their method of payment as this will ensure swift payment. If the prescribed fees are not validly paid, the application for enrolment will be deemed not to have been filed. Candidates are reminded of the strict application of the closing dates for enrolment. Articles 121 and 122 EPC do not apply. As bank transfers are prone to delays they are therefore not recommended as payment method shortly before the relevant deadline. Fees may not be paid by debiting an EPO deposit account.

Certain candidates can request a fee subsidy (eligibility criteria apply).