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European qualifying examination

European qualifying examination

European qualifying examination (JPG)

The European qualifying examination (EQE) tests candidates' knowledge and aptitude to represent applicants in EPO proceedings. Established in 1979, it is widely regarded as one of the most demanding professional examinations having been passed by more than 10 000 candidates already.

Obligatory registration



Amendment to Rules 2, 22 and 27 IPREE

Registration - amendment to Rule 28 IPREE 

Additional time for the main examination

Examination Papers A and B - video interview and mock papers available

With effect from 2017, a single Paper A and a single Paper B will be set each year. As for current Paper C and the Pre-Examination, Papers A and B will be set in technical fields that are accessible to everyone. A video interview on Papers A and B and the mock papers are available here: VideoPaper A (examiner report) and Paper B (examiner report).

Examination dates

Supervisory Board, Examination Board, Examination Committees and Examination Secretariat

Examination Committees